Our Partners

Spark Horizon strives for a win-win for everyone we collaborate with. Our mission to accelerate and democratize electric mobility is no simple task, therefore we aim at gathering all positive energies around this ambitious venture.

Commercial Real Estate

Create a memorable shopping experience for your customers with sustainable and future-proof technology. Spark Horizon installs and operates fast charging EV charging stations at premium destinations, at zero cost for property owners.

Spark Horizon covers all installation, operation, and maintenance costs, providing a true turnkey solution for real estate partners. EV drivers can enjoy free charging and return more regularly to their preferred location for their weekly routines.

Smart Cities

Spark Horizon helps cities to viably scale charging infrastructure and accelerate EV adoption. We install and maintain EV charging at zero cost for cities, and provide sponsored charging to EV driving citizens.

Thanks to our smart-grid enable, cloud-managed and sensor-equipped stations, cities can collect data on weather, air quality, community engagement, urban flows, and much more according to their needs.


Spark Horizon offers brands a highly effective marketing platform to deliver their message, all while encouraging communities toward electric mobility. Spark Horizon operates EV charging stations at premium destinations, where brands can display memorable & insight-driven campaigns for their target audiences.

Electric Vehicles drivers get sponsored charging thanks to our advertising & marketing partners. Thus, they can make a difference in the world and improve life on the planet while enriching their fans' life.

About Spark Horizon

Founded in 2017, Spark Horizon is on a mission to accelerate the global transition to electric mobility. We’ve seen that the lack in charging infrastructure is the biggest impediment to wider electric adoption, so we’re tackling this issue head on.

Let’s lead the electric revolution – together.


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